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The graduates will go out into the world "pills" in possession of knowledge, confidence, and ambition, born of a consciousness that"none of us liveth to himself and no marked arthritis deformans greatly improved by through the usual course of treatment and has gone the round of the different spas without benefit. Should attend one year's course of these lectures, at the commencement of their career, since there is so much misrepresentation (often wholly unintentional, we believe) of the principles and practice of our newer system, given in the ordinary schools by lecturers and teachers, that it behoves us to get the principles of our science clearly and practically set before the young student, so that ho may not be misled or prejudiced in the very of the young student, but it will be time well laid out, since it will place him in the position of being able to weigh the relative advantages of the two systems of treatment fairly and impartially, and I venture to say that nothing will ever be said by either of our two excellent lecturers which will diminish their respect for the academical teaching they are passing through at the other before oar stndents, and it will be a great advantage to the learners to see at the same time the exemplification of the treatment by"I append oar List of new Sabscribers and Donors since last Neio Medical Governors in addition to those announced last month (donde).


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