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Jcssner chlamydia This index has been very carefully prepared; you should make the most of it. She improved there once dosage uioi-e oyierated upon; she remained in hospital nine months and then went out with, however, the sinus persisting. The difference in "used" the mortality in the out-patients and the in-patients was very striking, and at one time it might have depended on the buUdmg. Before the patient que drinks these liquids, he should have them tested In addition to the sodium in food and water, sodium can be ingested from other sources. I wonder if some swill dealer is not for at tlie bottom of First, a glance at a r,erman pamphlet, by Prof. To struggle against these facts is sure to lead to shipwreck." This is a "treat" rather dark prognostic for the medical students of France. Hoffman, of Margate, guite independently, used iodine in the solid or met.alloid form by placing it in a chip box covered with"leno" near to decomposing organic matters, as, forinstauce, The only credit that is due to me is, that after experimenting without on a large scale on iodine as a disintegrating and destroying disinfectant, I have suggested its widest application fur Hospital and domestic purposes, and j have been so fortunate as to obtain a public hearing on this method of I disinfection, which, by the way, is so simple and certain that it must, in J new method or discovery is attached to the name of the man who was able I to utiHse it, or make itknown as a general fact; and Dr. By means of intragastric faradization all the subjective symi)toms frequently covering from two to three months, there is often a lasting the amelioration in the condition of the jiatieut. The right way to do is to give enough for effect in every single case; but to do this surely but safely, give little enough at a time but frequently enough repeated to get the desired effect, no more, no less (chewing). But is it possible to imagine the dose attention that can be paid to the patients, on ttiirty-seven of whom one nurse must alone attend r The reason of this deficiency is want of accommodation. Farr and Miss Nightingale tabletas have recently brought accusations against the healthiness of these institutions, resting ostensibly on mortuary tables which Dr. Even in the incurable diseases we can do much to relieve the patient and to prolong his life, and it should be added that many an incurable disease is compatible with a long and fairly comfortable career, It was, I believe, Holmes who said that,"There is no better guarantee of a long life than an incurable We quote the following paragraphs I have no quarrel with the rider of a hobby, who might do worse and be ridden by the hobby, and who in either case is usually quite harmless; but I confess to becoming weary of, if not disgusted with, the host of infallible and indispensable therapeutic wonders, from suggestion to vibration, that are urged upon the modern physician as superior to the It would not be surprising if the young medico who reads the positive claims of such an array of marvelous therapeutic discoveries, should conclude that the ordinary methods of treatment by administering drugs, must be disappointing: first. Scamahorn, chairman; Thomas Harmon, Evansville; William Kirtley, Crawfordsville; Fred Smith, Tell City; Joseph McPike, Carmel; sun Leonard W.

Virchow, of Berlin, appealed in materials for composing a history sirve of leprosy. Farquhar mrsa and Suelzer and the ISMA commission. Subsequently there were great complaints that the Warrant had been broken through, and that and the question of relative rank had been set aside.

We manufacture a full MACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS, besides during many medicinal specialties manufacture guaranteed. He explained to her, with gTeat clearness and fidelity, the nature and hazard of buy the operation.

Each case is to be dealt with on its own merits, and according to the operative experience of the If amputation is contemplated, the supposed sarcoma should always be explored just before its performance "prices" to make certain of its necessity. If no new material can enter into the mould, you will get no accurate cast from the para HELMHOLTZ ON THE CONSEEVATION OF ENERGY.

Even slight pressure with the finger upon the epigastric region below the over ensiform process produces intense pain.


I do not think so; but the possibility of this must be admitted." He examined specimens of night-blood from eightyeight Cochin Chinese and found filarise in twenty-one; of these specimens fourteen came from patients with elephantiasis, and where only one of them showed filarise.

Others hold that the lymphocytes and the granular cells have in adult life a separate origin and life-history, that the adult lymphocyte has no dosages connection with the polymorphic granular leucocyte.

The history of the case, its surroundings during life, "diarrhea" the character of the food given, must be taken into account. The operation is still more delicate than the preceding and recjuires great care, suspension so as to avoid injuring the intestine. English and American authors speak highly of the use of what cod-liver oil, iron, and minute doses of strychnine. Three years ds since a nobleman sent for me who seemed to be afflicted with an hypochondriac colic, differing little from an iliac -passion, attended with pain and immoderate vomitings, which he had long laboured under, so that he was in a manner worn out. In the male the peritoneum passes directly to the rectum, and covers the anterior surface of that part of the bowel, gradually spreading can farther around the sides as the bowel is followed upwards. He does did it up to this last sickness.