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I cannot cured by this treatment, but I have known considerable arimedex advantage derived from it, especiallv in one case, wnere the soles, from beinjj convex and very thin, became fiat, and suiHciently fina to bear moderate pressure without inconvenience to the horse. The former is sometimes employed mouth in human medicine, as an ingredient in alterative decoctions, but never in veterinary practice. Our last meeting was wholly occupied in considering the Medical Amendment Bill of the Lord President of the on Council. Peritoneum in an early stage of inflammation; intestines slightly adherent; surfaces of liver and spleen covered with effectson a layer of recent lymph.

Shall be unlawful for the faculty or officers of any medical college in the State of Georgia to grant or issue a diploma to any student of medicine, or other person, unless said student or other person effects shall have attended two or more full courses of study in some regularly chartered medical college in good standing, and shall have submitted to and passed a creditable examination by the faculty or professors of said college upon all the branches usually taught in medical colleges.

In many places the fibrous melatonin tissue is rather firm and hard, contains comparatively few cells, and much elastic fiber.

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