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George's does Hospital, and during the time he occupied that position more than twelve thousand patients came under his notice.

Wilder:"An Adult and Healthy Living Cat, Lacking the Left Arm, excepting the Scapula, and Having the Heart apparently at the Epigastrium." Diameters, of the Human Thorax." Prof: effects.

Snow and other medical men have never made a trial of any pure buy amylene, and in fact that pure amylene cannot be made by the distillation of amyl-alcohol with the chloride of zinc. The cellular erika elements were especially free from bacteria. Organism is not pathogenic for guinea-pigs and INCREASE OF INTRADURAL PRESSURE IN Several years ago I drew attention to the fact that an apparent increase of the intracranial pressure occurred in severe injuries of the head, and that the existence of this pressure and of the symptoms to which it gave rise were among the important factors in the determination of the condition in a how given case and of the advisability of operation. Did you ever hear of the solution vs by Darwin of the question as to the reason why clover grows so much more luxuriantly around human habitations than in places at a distance from them? Let me relate it to' you as a good example of the method in which, by careful observation, by patient research, and by persevering labor, secrets hidden in the arcana of nature may be laid bare; as an illustration of the fact that truths in science are not stumbled upon hap-hazard, but are arrived at by workirg" line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little;" until tne moment of fruition comes, and the investigator is rewarded by success. On the sixth day, however, it was perforated and a large quantity of fluid fteces price escaped. In scarlatina, repeat five minims every twelve hours until five doses pirata have been given. Regard must be had not to the "allegra" mere age, but to the condition of the child. This online is shown by some personal experiences among range horses in the West. The entire and work, however, is well written and well edited, and while adding to the richness of the student's resources, will also add to his perplexity, when called on to select a guide among the many excellent candidates for public favor now before the medical public. The author admitted that not until some months jiast had he given sufficient attention to treatment by electricity to be able to use er it with any great amount of satislaction. Writes as follows:"And this leads me to mention what has already begun and what, God grant, may with a note from the family physician saying that the ovaries have been removed without effect, and so perhaps tiie trouble is in the brain, or a case of convulsive tic, with the message that the spasm has continued in spite of cauterization of the turbinates, or, as occurred to me a few days ago, he sees a born neuropath with typical traumatic neurosis who has undergone five pelvic operations for relief of her nervous symptoms, he groans in spirit and looks longingly forward to the millennium, "you" when the man who operates shall have or procure an adequate understanding of that for which he cuts. Many of these living monuments of our disgrace were operated upon every year by gynecologists, and restored to health and home after having for years suffered a living death (management). I would give from five to ten grains with an equal amount of sodium bicarbonate, followed capital in two or three hours by a saline purgative if necessary. Before the influenza broke out, there existed in September a disease among horses, in Perthshire: farn. He referred to seventeen rases horse he had examined in Kahler's klinik, where the hypercesthesia was present, and disappeared as soon as the spasmodic attacks subsided. The family and nurse should be informed at once of the contagiousness and gravity of the the case. In the secretion of alma the larynx and trachea there is usually a mixture of different bacteria, among which, however, the influenza bacillus predominates. These views, therefore, versace correspond very closely in many respects with those SANITARY CARE OF SCHOOL CHILDREN. As a result printing of the wetting he got an acute catarrhal nephritis which soon passed off. The pus counter cells are contained in the distended meshes of the pia.